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A different approach in addictive disorders treatment, which may be suitable for you or someone you know.

InterACT Treatment for Addictive Disorders based on the self-help theory of Jim Maclaine

Developed for people suffering from addictive disorders to develop a self-help recovery process.

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Currently being used in inpatient and outpatient settings, the InterACT Programme is a treatment protocol specifically targeting the addicted brain. It links the psycho-education of current neuroscience with cognitive therapy and the therapeutic principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy. It is an inter-personal (group based) treatment method which lays the foundation for a solid self-help recovery process, and it moves participants through Prochaska & DiClemente's (1982) stages of change from a contemplative state to the maintenance stage.

Outcome Studies currently show 75% of participants had continuous sobriety at 16 month follow up.

“Break the pathological attachment to the intoxicated state”

The approach is based on the Interact Therapy Program devised by Psychologist Jim Maclaine in the 1980’s. A programme that successfully treated thousands of patients with addictions and emotional disturbances for several decades in Australian accredited private hospitals.

Melinda L. Lake is a consultant psychologist for the NSW Alcohol and Drug Foundation's rehabilitation service for women with children. She is the clinical staff supervisor for several specialist services including; supporting youth in crisis and transitional accommodation for recently paroled offenders.  She is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association and was a member of the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia. Her 17 years experience in the AOD sector has included publicly funded programmes and employment in the addictions units of several private hospitals. She lives in Sydney with her husband and daughters.

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