Re-psycle - Pysichological restructuring

Therapist Details

Melinda L Lake

B.A. (Psych) Grad. Dip (psych)

is both a Psychologist and an authorised Clinical Supervisor of provisionally registered Psychologists in NSW. She has worked in both the public & private mental health sectors as well as in private practice.

She is a consultant psychologist for a drug & alcohol rehabilitation service for mothers and babies, and is a member of the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia.

food addictShe has been involved in organising an international conference on Anxiety Disorders and is a member of ADA – Anxiety Disorders Alliance. She is a consultant with Lakescope Family Interventions Australia ( and the Alcohol & Drug Foundation NSW (  She is also a preferred service provider for South Pacific Private Hospital ( is affiliated with the Australian Childhood Foundation (

Melinda specialises in personality disorders and trauma work, including child sexual abuse and family violence. She uses individual & group process psychotherapy to enhance interpersonal skills, along with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) strategies as a framework to improve impulse control of behaviours such as self-harm, food (restricting/ binging/ chronic over-eating), sex, spending, gambling and gaming.

Melinda also specialises in treating more traditional diseases of addiction, i.e. alcohol and other drugs. She offers couples therapy and works with teenagers whose lives are affected by such diseases.

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For all enquiries or feedback please contact Melinda either by phone or email provided below. All information and enquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

(psychological restructuring)

mob: 0415 187 555