Re-psycle - Pysichological restructuring

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Reno rehab workshop

"Rehab Reno" / Relapse Prevention Programme Implementation

Staff train experientially over a 5 day period as Melinda Lake takes patients / clients through her Relapse Prevention programme. Based on the theory & practise of renowned psychologist and addiction specialist Jim Maclaine and incorporating Acceptance Commitment Therapy approaches.

Staff observe and at times participate in the training which includes psycho-education, cognitive & ACT therapies and most importantly process / integration work. Biological, Psychological & Spiritual components are addressed in the Addiction model.

Outcome studies have thus far been very favorable - indicated by: Client sobriety length and commitment to recovery, depression index scales (DASS)and emotion regulation measures (DERS / BIS-11).

Both Clinical & Management Staff have also keenly adopted the programme.

For enquires and expressions of interest please email your enquiry

Group therapy session

Second Stage Recovery Group Therapy


As of Dec 2014 Tues Dee Why has 2 male & 1 female space available.  Thursday Dee Why group has 1 space. 


For other Locations and enquires please email your enquiry or ph 0415 187 555 (Sydney Australia)

Second Stage Recovery means that people who are participating are already practicing a recovery programme around their primary addictive process or emotional distirbance. It does not matter how much ‘time up’ the participants have – selection is based on the quality of the recovery programme being practiced.

Group Therapy provides a microcosm of the world. How one experiences themselves in a group - from moment to moment, is the same as how one experiences themselves in the world, in terms of reactions to other people. i.e. How one feels and what one’s thoughts are.

The only differences are a) Thoughts and/ or feelings will probably be more intense, because the focus of the group is interpersonal processing. And b) the group is an agreed upon safe, facilitated and confidential environment.

“It’s amazing! You can really practice how you ‘do’ relationships in a safe environment without impacting on friends or family”
(Anon. Avalon)

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